Monday, October 12, 2009


Last Friday we woke up to snow! This was very exciting to me but to my husband and I'm pretty sure every other Montana resident it was not so exciting. Eureka is home to bad weather, fog and rain (year round!) but almost never snow so the whole thing was a new and really beautiful experience. I'm told that in about 3 months I'll hate it....we'll see:)

In other news....Kyle and I have joined the staff of Catalyst, our Church youth group! We we're approached last Sunday about this and asked to pray about it and come check it out on Wednesday night. When Wednesday night came around we had made our decision to be apart of the team. It's a big youth group and really wild...we're excited! This Thursday-Saturday we'll be headed down to Billings for a big youth conference with the staff and about 50 kids from the youth group. We're both really excited about being apart of Catalyst....who knows maybe we can convince a few of them to head over to Maui;)

That's most of what's been happening in the last few weeks. I really need to post some pics...especially of the snow! haha! We'll see if I actually get pictures up this time:)

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